Ossessionata Ricerca

20 April – 29 July 2024

Pinacoteca – Via Giacomo Matteotti 16, Cento (FE)

Saturday, April 20 at 4:30 p.m. opens the exhibition Ossessionata Ricerca curated by Federico Balboni.

As the artist recounts, "The works on display are part of a larger pictorial project and aspire to dialogue in a contemporary key with the artistic traditions and landscapes of the territory of Cento. We are, therefore, faced with paintings that investigate the figure of the artist (specifically the "craft" of the painter) and the local territory, sometimes gloomy, sometimes mysterious.
The structure, composition and placement of the paintings are also an integral part of the author's research. In fact, we find, in different situations, a main painting placed in the center of a composition surrounded by other smaller works arranged around it, which "tighten" in almost cinematic terms, on details present in the central work, or not present but inherent, with the purpose of enriching the narrative by making each individual work part of a single story."


Federico Balboni was born in Cento in January 1991, he graduated from the G. Cevolani High School in 2010 and later from the International School of Comics in Reggio Emilia in comics courses in 2016 and digital coloring in 2017. From 2012 to 2017 he is a student of the drawing and figure course at the School of Artistic Crafts in Cento, where he deepened technique and theory of classical painting. Today he is teaching the beginning drawing course for boys and girls at the same institution.


The Centopievese School of Artistic Crafts was founded in 1978 and for over forty years has been involved in spreading and handing down the arts and crafts in our area. It has as its main objective to keep alive the arts and crafts disciplines proper to our tradition while trying to facilitate aggregation and involve all age groups, paying special attention to the education of the young and very young.